This Saturday is your last chance to party with the animals

15 Mar

Anna Leevia

If you haven’t had a chance to get in on the Thai Break-With Love party action, tomorrow is your last chance.

Over the last couple weeks, a group of DJs and partygoers all the way from Germany have been tearing up Bangkok and the island of Koh Mak. “Party Animals” is both a culmination of and tribute to all the memories made on all the boats, beaches and dance floors. It starts at 2pm at Viva & Aviv The River and the fun continues until late at the Tapas Room Club at Silom Soi 4.

DJs from around the globe and right here in Thailand will be showcasing their stuff for the last time before they reconvene next year. Coconuts caught up with two of these worldly DJs – Fabio Spzz and Anna Leevia – about where they come from musically and geographically.

What’s your home country?

Anna Leevia: Brazil!!

Fabio Spzz: Italy.

What’s the best gig you ever played back at home?

AL: It’s hard to say. I had many special ones, but one I can’t forget was at the Soulvision Festival. I played when a huge storm was coming and people seemed to love how the tracks fitted with the eerie ambiance.

FS: I once played at Old River Park for over three hours with three decks. It was summertime and the club is located in an amazing valley with open air just next to the river. The club was packed and the crowd was exploding at my mixes. This was my first big one, impossible to forget.

What’s your favorite club in Brazil/Italy?

AL: I like Warung. Sunrise there is truly unique. Deputamadre is also close to my heart, which is in my hometown, Belo Horizonte. And my favorite in Sao Paulo has to be D-edge.

FS: Old River Park, in the middle of the nature. It’s only open in the summer time.

How do you think your country has influenced your sound?

AL: I think my background and everywhere I have lived has influenced my musical choices. I guess the Brazilian roots can be noticed when I play funkier sets.

FS: The techno parties in my home country really opened my mind … after that first party, I changed the way I to listen the music. I was only 16 years old, man. That was the beginning of my DJ career.

Who’s the best DJ from your country?

AL: Hmmm, I could say many names. I like Aniña style, from the club Warung. L_cio, Glen Faedo, Digitaria and Gabriel Boni are also good known producers. It’s hard to choose only one!

FS: The best DJ from my country and the world I would add is Marco Carola, for the technique and selection of his DJ sets. I’m very inspired by this guy.

Party Animals. 2pm. THB400 (Includes one drink). Viva Aviv, B/F, River City Shopping Complex, 23 Yotha Rd., Bangkok, Thailand.

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